Seawood Powders

PT. Terasindo Natural Food provides you shrimp paste, Indonesian condiment called "Terasi", and a wide range of selected herbs and spices which are naturally processed. Experienced over 40 years in producing the shrimp paste and herbs as well as spices (Bumbu dapur), we always prioritize the quality by which our finished products are the local ones with the export quality. Trust the tasty flavor of your dishes with our shrimp paste and selected herbs and spices!

Seafood Powders

  • Shrimp Powder (Bubuk Udang)
  • Anchovy Powder (Bubuk Teri)
  • Shrimp Paste Powder (BubukTerasi)
  • Tenggiri Powder
  • Cuttlefish Powder (Bubuk Sotong)