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PT Terasindo Natural Food

Established in 1975, UD Terasindo started to produce shrimp paste or “terasi” made from the best quality of shrimps in Medan, North Sumatera as its first product. In 1997, UD Terasindo moved its headquarter from Medan to Jakarta as a part of strategic business decision to expand its distribution channel in Java island. As a part of UD Terasindo continuous research and development, UD Terasindo started producing products in the form of powder not limited to shrimp paste powder, shrimp powder, fish powder, cuttlefish powder, etc

As a part of our company long-term plan, PT Terasindo Natural Food was established to specialize in producing the best quality shrimp paste, spices and herbs. In addition to that, PT Terasindo Natural Food also produces extracted products from fresh meats ranging from chicken powder, beef powder and cereals powders.

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