At PT. TERASINDO NATURAL FOOD We specialized in producing high quality shrimp paste, which is a popular Indonesian cooking ingredient called ‘Terasi’ used in many of its traditional Indonesian recipe. Additionally, we provide a wide range of selected herbs and spices, which are naturally processed. Experienced with over 40 years in producing shrimp paste and naturally processed herbs also known as "Bumbu Dapur", we always put a top priority on the quality of our finished products.

Seafood Products

We produce a flavoursome yet natural seafood powder, which can be used in cooking and is made with only the freshest ingredients.

Vegetables Product

We also provide a variety of natural vegetable powders such as mung bean powder (bubuk kacang hijau), red kidney powder (bubuk kacang merah) and brown rice powder (bubuk beras merah) to serve as a nutritional enhancer.

Enhance your Dish

Spices and Herbs Products

We are a provider of healthy seasonings (bumbu dapur) to complete your herbs and spices collection in your kitchen. Please see our collection of herbs and seasonings.

Flavor Enhancer and Products

We offer several flavor enhancers in the form of soya and yeast.

Enrich your cuisine with Terasindo's high quality seafood paste. Order now and get the best offer!